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Frozen River - Original Painting

Frozen River - Original Painting


I painted this piece to honor the peace that I felt in Colorado. My husband and I take a trip up north at least once a year. I am enamored with the way the sun sparkles off the surface of the snow that blankets the Earth during the winter. I walked through the snow as it crunched under my feet and found a comfortable spot on the river. It was 20 degrees farenheight when I set up my painting supplies and nestled into the snow with my hand warmers and my hot cup of tea. The sun warmed my back as the morning went by and I painted with snow crystals in my paint and I watched the deer walk across the layer of ice covering the river. I treasure this moment. 



*7-10 day dispatch time* “Frozen River” is an acrylic painting on an 9x12-inch gallery wrapped canvas. This piece comes signed on the front, as well as signed and dated on the back.

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